FUMCOG Against the Death Penalty

A sub-committee of the Religion and Race Work Area, FUMCOG Against   the DP works on:

  • Participating in “For Whom the Bells Toll” as a public witness to our opposition   to State-sponsored executions
  • Communicating with those on death row and their families,
  • Working with other human rights activists, including PA Abolitionists United against the Death Penalty,
  • Providing forums for those who have been exonerated from death row.

Mission: To work to oppose the death penalty in Pennsylvania and   the United States.

  • To assist family members of those on death row with prison visits by raising funds for transportation.
  • To monitor state executions and report these to the community
  • To urge prison officials to make prison visits more family-friendly
  • To work to inform the community of problems in the criminal justice system in that Death Row inmates are too often poor, undereducated, and minority.

 6001 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144  215.438.3677  fax: 215.438.3077 email: office@fumcog.org