Children's Choir

 Participation in the elementary choir is offered to children grades 1 through 5, the only prerequisite is being able to read some words.  Music literacy is similar to learning a language, so children are often able to pick up music while learning other language skills.  .

Children are immersed in all types of sacred music, including classical, spirituals, ethnic and world music.  Tolerance and love are taught through understanding, expressed in this indigenous music.

Rehearsals are on Sundays following worship.


There will be a brief lunch in the choir room at 12:30, and we will rehearse from approx. 12:45 until 1:30.


Lunch is provided immediately following worship. Linger lunch is available for parents and children and is brought to the choir room. This is a unique opportunity for intergenerational friendship and fellowship.

In addition to learning anthems in leading Sunday worship, choristers are given musical instruction and education through the Voice for Life curriculum implemented by the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) in America. Children learn voice production, sight singing, music theory, and international repertoire.

For more information please contact Music Director Kevin O'Malia at

 6001 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144  215.438.3677  fax: 215.438.3077 email: