Age-Related Groups

Age Related Connections

Drawing by Sandy Clay Bauer

20's and 30's Group 
Those between the ages of 25 and 35 meet for fellowship once a month whether it is in a restaurant, a home, or a volunteer site.  Single and partnered people are welcome.  Contact Luz Morales

Parents of School-Aged Children Group 
Parents and children gather monthly for a potluck and discussion at members' homes.  Contact Lisa Fitton 

In Media Res 
It is a well-known truth that 9/10ths of success is just showing up.  If you showed up on this planet on or before the early 1970s, you can join this group.  Taking its name from the Latin term for “in the middle of things,” In Media Res is a social group for people 35 and up, who gather about once a month for social events.  Guaranteed—no agenda, no productive purpose.  Events have included:  dinners at local restaurants, a Christmas potluck, barbeques, bowling, canoeing, rallies, concerts, and plays.  Contact Karen Schoenewaldt 

Senior Friends 
The Senior Friends is a gathering of retired/aging adults to learn more about our spirituality, share issues of aging, learn about our community and each other, and have fun. Contact Cara Herold or Roberta Millard 

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