Developing Radio Partners

DRP was founded in 2004 by FUMCOG member Bill Siemering, a pioneer in public radio in the US and a developer of community radio in developing countries.   Bill says, ”Our focus is to bring information to those who need it most: people living in rural areas in poor countries where radio is the dominant medium.  DRP creates enduring  public radio services in regions where radio can have significant impact.  We work collaboratively with local stations to strengthen their service to the community, ensure their financial stability and build overall capacity. . . . I’ve seen farmers walking to their fields, a hoe in one hand with a radio in the other.  I’ve heard how radio programs reduced cholera or increased the number of girls in school from 40 percent to 60 percent.”  DRP was awarded $4,000 to support its administrative expenses.  (For more information see the Chestnut Hill Local of 2/15/07 or read it HERE)

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