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Sunday Morning Worship

September 28, 2014, 11:00 am


Staff Associate Miles Hopgood preaching

Music for Sunday Service

Prelude: Synagogen-Melodieen for organ   -Louis Lewandowski

I. Andante/Andante Con Moto

II. Moderato

Anthem - R'tzei     -Stephen Richards

Jonathan Sills, baritone

Anthem - Sim Shalom    -Max Janowski

Darlene Kelsey, soprano

Justin Gonzalez, tenor

Postlude: Synagogen-Melodieen for organ  -Louis Lewandowski

III. Moderato

Bulletin of service can be found HERE

The First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG) is a diverse, urban community of faith that seeks to experience and worship God through Jesus’ message of love and inclusion and the mystery of grace expressed through his life. We affirm our commitment by working together, taking risks for social justice and peace in our community, our city, our nation and our world.

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