The Senior High Youth Group will be traveling to Haiti


For the first time since 2000, FUMCOG will be sending a group of young people to Haiti. The group will learn about the his- tory and culture of the country, tour the capital, visit Fondwa, and plant trees to prevent erosion.

The trip is going to be an amazing experience, but we need your support! Please be on the lookout for fundraisers that the Youth Group will be running throughout the spring season.


Sunday, May 10, 9:45 am

FUMCOG/FONDWA Haiti Partnership

The Haiti Committee and the Youth Group will be sharing about the trip to Haiti in June. There will be an update on the Peasant Association of Fondwa that the church has been twined with for over 20 years and FONKOZE, the largest mi- cro-finance bank in Haiti, started by Fr. Joseph Philippe with a grant from FUMCOG. Come and hear some good news about Haiti.

Music at FUMCOG

Information on upcoming musical events here at FUMCOG can be found HERE

Sunday, May 10

11:00 am

Pastoral Associate 

Miles Hopgood preaching

Music for Sunday, May 10

Bulletin for May 3

Download the May 3 Sunday bulletin of service HERE.

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